Selamatdatang! Welcome to my food truck - Nani’s Food truck. Home of fresh, fragrant flavours inspired by time-honoured Indonesian recipes.

With Nani’s Food Truck, I wish to provide my community with an accessible & unique, culinary experience… a journey into the vibrant world of Javanese cuisine.

My food journey began at age 10, in my home town of Jakarta, on the island of Java, Indonesia.
It was here in my family’s Javanese kitchen, that my passion for the preparation, creation and sharing of food was ignited. It was here I was entrusted with time-honoured recipes and spice-laden secrets. It was here I learnt to infuse meals with not only flavour, but love.

Over time my journey extended, carrying me to Australian shores. Here I furthered my love of all things food, studying hospitality and crafting my culinary skills in Indonesian restaurants.

And now?…Well now the journey continues with my food truck - Nani’s Food Truck! And you are invited to adventure with me.

Join the Nani's Food Truck journey and experience the aromatic and tempting tastes inspired by my Indonesian homeland.

I am proud to offer you:

  • fresh and locally sourced ingredients from our Illawarra community,
  • an array of meal options to suit vegetarian and vegan diets,
  • eco friendly, biodegradable cutlery and serving ware to better care for our precious, natural environment.

And one of the best things about Nani’s … ?! Nani’s Food Truck can travel to you. We cater:

  • community markets
  • special events & functions
  • festivals and sporting events
  • home delivery orders

So come join the journey and indulge in the fresh, fragrant, flavourful world of Nani’s Food Truck.

Terima Kasih. Thank you.

Love Nani



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